Frequently Asked Questions

“Why should I choose Teamswork and Randolph Rowland?”

  • As a former CPA and owner of various businesses , Randolph has worked with many attorneys over the years.  Appointed by the Supreme Court of Vermont, he served on the Professional Responsibility Board for nine years.  He volunteers his time as a Guardian ad Litem in the Family Court of Chittenden County.

  • Randolph is a Certified CosmoLex Consultant and Migration Specialist.

"Why does Teamswork prefer CosmoLex?”

  • CosmoLex is flexible.  It works well for the solo practitioner, or a firm with 100 attorneys.

  • It is extremely user friendly and intuitive, providing you access to your valuable information anytime and from anywhere: at your office, on your mobile device, or at home.

  • CosmoLex is used by thousands of law firms and endorsed by over 20 state bar associations.

  • CosmoLex has exclusively been in the legal technology business since 2006.  Tabs3 is a major supplier of desktop practice management software, and acquired CosmoLex in 2018.  The combined companies serve over 100,000 attorneys.  Law firms now have the option of either a desktop or cloud solution for their practice management.

  • Please see The Solution page to understand additional CosmoLex features.

“I’m wasting valuable time by using multiple software programs to manage my law    practice.  However, I dread wasting even more time converting to a new program,      not to mention my fear of losing client data in the transition!”

  • Either Teamswork or the folks at CosmoLex can help you migrate your data with no loss of precious information.  We have done conversions from a wide variety of software and can make the process an easy one for you.

“I have over 100 matters with IOLTA fund balances at any given time.  How will     CosmoLex accurately manage these moneys?”

  • Because accounting, time/billing and IOLTA bookkeeping are all part the unified CosmoLex software, maintaining accurate IOLTA balances for all matters is simplified, plus there are safeguards against overdrawing any individual trust balance.

  • In addition, bank transaction are automatically fed to your CosmoLex software, facilitating daily three-way reconciliations.

“Our firm often has multiple attorneys working on a single matter.  We use Excel

  spreadsheets to keep track of attorney compensation.  How will I do this in    CosmoLex?”

  • CosmoLex enables global fee allocation settings for various levels of attorneys working on matters.  Allocation settings can also be modified for individual matters. No need for separate record keeping in Excel!

“Can we integrate our Outlook email client with CosmoLex?”

  • CosmoLex will integrate with a variety of email clients, including Google, Outlook and Apple Mail.

  • All common calendars will also integrate with Cosmolex, as well as many document management apps, such as Microsoft 365, Dropbox and other cloud storage systems.

"Does CosmoLex integrate with LawPay?"

  • This method of allowing your clients to pay by credit card is included in your CosmoLex subscription.  No additional fees for separate LawPay subscription!  Bank transaction fees not included.

"How much does CosmoLex Cost?"

  • $69 per user/month (billed annually)

  • LawPay account included!

  • No need for additional subscription to QuickBooks!

  • Free access for your CPA firm or external bookkeeper!

  • Unlimited data storage.