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Legal Practice Management Software Implementation Book of Laws

Legal Practice Management Software Implementation

Migrating to new practice management software sounds daunting, but it doesn't have to be.  The key is to have an experienced guide throughout the process of implementation.

An experienced guide also knows their clientele.  Is your firm new to using legal practice management software, or are you converting from legacy LPMS?  Are firm members tech savvy, early adopters of technology, or are some attorneys tech-phobic?  Are there administrative members of your team that handle billing and accounting?  Do you use an outside bookkeeper?

Depending on the composition of your team, I will tailor my services to make your transition to new software smooth and expeditious.  In some instances, I will shepherd every step of the process, including planning, data cleansing/conversion, transition oversight, training, and ongoing support.  Alternatively, If there are attorneys and staff with technical expertise and time, my role will be more of a coach from the sidelines.  I will make sure that the implementation schedule is followed, conversion resources are available and training is scheduled. 

I will make sure that your firm’s hardware components are adequate for the needs of your firm.  If you are moving to the cloud with a browser-based LPMS, your hardware needs are greatly simplified.  Whether your data is on-prem or in the cloud, your internet security and access should be evaluated.

Law firms have data, lots of data.  Client privacy and security are paramount, so it is critical your data is backed up prior to conversion.  The process of migration to a new LPMS is like moving into a new home: before the move, you spend time weeding out the stuff that is broken, duplicated, and unneeded.  You want a fresh start with your new software, unburdened by the inaccuracies and disorganization of the past.  I will work with your staff, bookkeeper, and CPA to give you a fresh and accurate start with your new LPMS.

Additionally, I will work with you to determine any customizations or integrations that may be necessary for the specific needs of your practice area and personal preferences.

We will choose a “move-in date” to your new “home” in order that there be minimal disruptions to your workflows and that members of the firm have time to settle into the new ways of addressing their clients’ needs.

Training is an important part of the implementation process, as it ensures that your team is able to use the software effectively from day one with your new LPMS.  Training after the implementation date will help your team to increasingly utilize the powerful features of your new software.

I will also provide ongoing support after the implementation is complete. There will inevitably be questions that arise after the implementation date and I am always available to help you resolve these issues. 

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