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Troubleshooting Legal Practice Management Software Lawyer Office

Solutions For Legal Practice Management Software

“We are calling to schedule a review of your office practices and records.  Please have your staff prepare a three-way reconciliation of your IOLTA accounts and be available for an office visit with our auditors on Thursday of this week at 10:00 am.”

A phone call such as this from your state’s attorney oversight board is not what you want to receive at any time.  At best, it means taking up valuable attorney and staff time.  At worst, the visit may uncover unreconciled IOLTA bank accounts and unorganized client records.

Whether this has happened to your firm or whether you simply dread the possibility that it will happen, how would it feel if your response could be, “Sure, that will be fine.  To aid your work, to whom can I send my three-way reconciliation prior to your visit?  I’ll attach it to an email within the hour.”

Can you imagine how the caller would feel about your offer?  If you could see the thought bubble above their head it might read, “Wow, this audit should be easy - this firm is right on top of things!”

With the right legal practice management software and office procedures, you could be this impressively prepared firm.

And… if you’ve had this call, then the subsequent audit and have come up short on any aspect of practice management, my past work as a CPA and nine years on the Professional Responsibility Board of the Vermont Judiciary can help you mitigate the consequences.

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